Lucky Turtle Earring


Lucky Eye earring made in bronze with 24k yellow and white gold plating. Mother of pearl turtle delicately carved by hand.


Pendant weight: 10.5 gr.

Turtle Symbology.

In the far East the tortoise shell was a symbol of heaven and the pictures it contains, a symbol of Earth. Therefore it was an animal that united heaven with earth. For the Chinese it represents the greatest symbol of longevity, stability, balance, good fortune, support and protection. In addition, turtles offer us a very wise lesson and that is that they accept the day to day and do not react, they simply accept and continue forward. This is once again a powerful analogy for humanity, we must adapt our behavior sometimes to how things come to us. Turtles are associated with water, which is related to movement, intuition and emotion, which are symbolic meanings of this animal. The representations of this animal attending to its body parts are: the shell symbolizes the heavens, the body the earth and the area under the shell the underworld. For this reason, some cultures considered turtles as creators of the universe.


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