Wishbone Rosary


Rosary delicately assembled by hand in fine cotton threads impregnated in wax with Thai sandalwood balls. Bronze button with 18k gold plating. Combination of bronze charms with different gold plating (yellow gold, white gold and rose gold). Turquoise stone carved by hand.

icono longitud 95cm

The good luck bone (Wishbone).

When chicken was not a common dish and was only served on special occasions, breaking the “lucky bone” was quite an event. Luck began when a person found the bone in his ration and chose one of the diners to break it. Whoever got the longest part made a wish, which, according to the belief, would be fulfilled.

The power of the Turquoise stone.

Very present in Buddhist, Nepalese, or Tibetan jewelry it symbolizes material and spiritual wealth. Turquoise blue in Buddhism represents the life of humans in their life / death duality and earth / sky wisdom.

The figa and its symbols.

The Figa or Higa is a symbol of protection against the evil eye, it is represented with a left hand closed in a fist and with the thumb between the index and the middle finger, it shows a sign of contempt and protection against the evil eye and the envies.

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