Pearl Bracelet


Bracelet delicately assembled by hand with fine cotton threads impregnated in wax with pearl. Bronze button with 24k yellow gold plating.

icono diametro 5cm

We guarantee that our accessories are made by combining natural materials, from which we make exclusive and personalized designs.

Pearls and their symbology.

Like all gemstones, pearls have a special symbolic meaning. They have been considered good luck and have symbolized purity, chastity, humility and innocence, because the beginning of your life is a simple grain of sand that is transformed into a precious gem.
In the past, pearls were thought to be “tears of the moon”.


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1 – Get a piece of string or ribbon and wrap around your wrist, marking at the point both edges come together and feels comfortable and not tight.

2 – Take the measurement of that string or ribbon with a ruler and that would be exactly the length of your wrist in cm.