Octopus Bracelet


Triple bronze Octopus bracelet with 18k yellow gold plating and black pearls assembled with natural cottons.

icono diametro 5,5cm

The Octopus is full of symbolism. The tentacles symbolize the union or fusion of something necessary. It is usually associated with the capacity for regeneration, the fact of rebuilding to face adversity again and various meanings are attributed to this beautiful aquatic creature. The most common are complexity, diversity, mystery, vision, intelligence, illusion, versatility and, above all, introspection, among many others. Dreaming and imagining giant octopuses represents a personality with immense strength to overcome difficulties.


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1 – Get a piece of string or ribbon and wrap around your wrist, marking at the point both edges come together and feels comfortable and not tight.

2 – Take the measurement of that string or ribbon with a ruler and that would be exactly the length of your wrist in cm.