Horseshoe Medallion Bracelet
Aquamarine 10mm


Bracelet assembled on the basis of fine cotton threads impregnated in wax intertwining 10mm bakelite and aquamarine beads. Horseshoe medallion bronze Pendant in 24k Yellow Gold Plated and 24k White Gold Plated. Polished bronze pellets. Bronze button plated in 18k yellow gold.

icono diametro 5cm

icono longitud 19cm

The popular belief of the horseshoe as a magical symbol extends from Italy through Germany to even Great Britain and Scandinavia. It is also very common to find doors built in the shape of a horseshoe. In the Middle East, you will find blue glazed terracotta in the shape of a horseshoe. In Turkey the horseshoe symbol has been incorporated into the famous Turkish Eyes to prevent evil eye and bad luck, etc.
There are good reasons to suppose that the shape of the horseshoe is linked to the pagan symbol of the Moon goddess found in ancient Europe represented as Artemis and Diana, as this amulet invokes the protection of the goddess herself, or, more specifically, Its sacred vulva.As such, the horseshoe is related to other protective deities, such as the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is often observed standing on a crescent moon and placed inside a Mandorla vulva or besica pisces. From Europe, the Middle East, and in the colonial Spanish of Latin America, protective horseshoes are often placed upside down, but in some parts of Ireland and Great Britain people believe that horseshoes should be placed facing the sky.

The power of Aquamarine.

Harnessing the naturally soothing spirit of the beautiful ocean, Aquamarine Stone captures the vibrant healing powers of Earth’s ancient and life-giving waters. Known in ancient folklore as the treasure of mermaids, the aquamarine stone is an essential component of its collection of healing gems because it helps us reconnect with water, the origin of life on the planet.


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