Make a Wish Bracelet
The Wishbone


Bracelet assembled with fine red cotton threads impregnated in wax with 24k yellow gold plated Wishbone charm. Classic hook clasp with 24K yellow gold plated bronze E·Y ring.

icono diametro 5cm

The Legend of the Wishbone or Bone of Good Luck.

When the chicken was not a common dish and was only served on special occasions, breaking the “bone of luck” was an event. Luck began when a person found the bone in his ration and chose one of the diners to break it. Whoever kept the longest part made a wish, which, according to belief, would be fulfilled.

The custom of splitting “lucky bones” dates back hundreds of years. Scholars claim that such a practice was carried out centuries before Christ. Ancient peoples worshiped roosters because they announced the new day and hens because they gave eggs.
In the 4th century B.C., the Etruscans of central Italy sacrificed birds to invoke one of their gods so they could predict the future or solve problems. The forked bone of the birds’ chest, the wishbone, was left to dry in the sun. Later, two people broke it, exactly as we do now, and whoever took the largest part made a wish. The Romans adopted the custom, taking it to various parts of Europe.

There are two reasons why the ancients are believed to have chosen this bone and not, for example, a rib or wing. On the one hand, bone is said to resemble a man’s legs and to symbolize life. Another explanation holds that this bone has the same shape as another symbol of luck: the horseshoe; but as this figure is destroyed in the “lucky bone” ceremony, scholars discard this interpretation.
Many peoples have attributed to birds the power to guess the future. A favorite game among the Etruscans consisted of forming a circle with the letters of the alphabet, placing corn kernels next to each one and leaving a chicken free. Questions were asked such as who would marry whom. The place where the bird began to eat gave the clue to know the answer.


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