Briolette Bracelet


Delicately assembled bracelet with fine cotton and leather threads intertwining red coral Briolets.

icono diametro 5cm

The Coral and its symbology.

Legend has it that Perseus cut off the head of Medusa the gorgon, that monstrous woman (at the same time divine) who instead of beautiful hair had snakes. Creatures like Pegasus sprang from the blood shed by Medusa, but when his blood was spilled on the seas of Greece, the red drops became coral. This story reveals to us how thousands of years ago this material was already known, appreciated and associated with the gods. It has been used since time immemorial, and coral remains have been found in objects of the late Iron Age. It is a sacred stone among the Tibetans as well as for the Indians, who considered it a sacred stone that they interpreted as a symbol of the life force energy. It was also a coveted jewel in Japanese Buddhism. Several magical properties were assigned to the coral, although they vary according to the time and culture. For example, in the Middle Ages it was said that it served to prevent murder and stop bleeding, as well as to preserve evil spirits and storms.


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1 – Get a piece of string or ribbon and wrap around your wrist, marking at the point both edges come together and feels comfortable and not tight.

2 – Take the measurement of that string or ribbon with a ruler and that would be exactly the length of your wrist in cm.