Lucky Heart Earring


Lucky Eye earring made in bronze with 24k yellow and white gold plating. Hand carved heart in Rose Quartz.


Pendant weight: 11.4 gr.

Symbology of the Heart.

Hindus consider the heart (hridaya) as Brahmapura, the dwelling place of Brahma. If, likewise, in the Christian vocabulary, it is said that the heart contains the Kingdom of God, it is that this center of individuality, towards which the person returns in his spiritual journey, represents the primordial state, and therefore the place of divine activity.
The double movement (systole and diastole) of the heart also makes it the symbol of the double movement of expansion and reabsorption of the universe. For this reason the heart is Prajapati; it is Brahma in its producing function, it is the origin of the cycles of time. The light of the spirit, that of intellectual intuition, of revelation, shines in the cave of the heart.

Rose Quartz.

Rose quartz is an energetic mineral that has many shades. We can find this stone with a transparent pink color up to the most intense pink. It has a large number of properties, but the one that stands out the most is its power to transmit positive vibrations and its healing power with respect to love. If you look at the chakras, people argue that rose quartz has magical loving properties, that is, that it is capable of opening the heart and connecting the spirit with the body, eliminating all pain related to love.


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