Happy Soul Lariat


Lariat assembled on the basis of fine cotton threads impregnated in wax, vintage African beads of various colors and faceted bronze pellets. Combination of bronze feather charm with 24k yellow gold plating and white bakelite arrow. Bronze horseshoe charm plated in 24k yellow gold or white gold. Also available with a bronze horseshoe and titanium plating.

icono diametro 12cm

Take your time to make your soul happy. Our Lariat Happy Soul comes full of color and symbols to make your soul happy. Because the soul finds balance when it is happiness that inhabits it.

Horseshoes. An ancient amulet.

Magical symbol that is considered the oldest talisman in the world and its almost infinite esoteric applications, range from its ability to protect itself from the environment, reconcile or dispel doubts, to get wishes or help in the good luck of the person. The popular belief of horseshoes as a magical symbol extends from Italy through Germany and even into Great Britain and Scandinavia.

There are good reasons to suppose that the shape of the horseshoe is linked to the pagan symbol of the moon goddess found in ancient Europe represented as Artemis and Diana, as this amulet invokes the protection of the goddess herself, or, more specifically, of his sacred vulva. As such, the horseshoe is related to other protective deities, such as the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is often seen standing on a crescent moon and placed inside a vulvar Mandorla or besica pisces.
In most of Europe, the Middle East, and in the colonial Spanish of Latin America, protective horseshoes are usually placed upside down, but in some parts of Ireland and Great Britain people believe that horseshoes should be placed facing the sky. In the regions where the horseshoe is placed upwards, people understand that it acts as a divine container, just like the chalice in magical operations, collecting that divine blessing received, fertilizing it and bringing it to the manifestation in our lives. For this reason, it is believed that turning the shoe upside down causes that blessing to be lost or wasted. This is an essential and very important concept both in the world of spiritual development and in the world of magic and other mystical branches, and that is why it seems more advisable to place the horseshoe with its points facing the sky.