Turquoise Choker


Turquoise beads choker assembled in golden nylons. Bronze star with 18k yellow gold plating.

icono longitud 44cm

For many, the star also symbolizes fertility. It is an emblem that alludes to birth, prosperity, glory. In fact, if we stop to think, we will realize that the symbol of the stars surrounds us constantly. As a light that shines in the night, the star is often considered a symbol of truth, spirit, and hope. The star represents the light that guides in the dark and directs in the face of mystery and the unknown. Almost all the religions of the world use the symbology of the star.

Turquoise is considered a healing and protective stone. Since ancient times it was used to make amulets. Promotes rest and vitality. On a physical level, it is said to stimulate the regeneration of body tissues. Turquoise is one of the main blue minerals associated with the throat area. It favors the balance of communication and expression. It is also associated with the third eye, enhancing meditation and intuition.


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