Happy Soul Choker


Choker assembled on the basis of fine cotton threads impregnated in wax, vintage African beads of various colors and faceted bronze beads. Combination of bronze charms with 18k gold plating, mother of pearl and semi-precious stones. The central charm is a delicately hand-carved Tiger Eye wing.

icono diametro 11cm

icono longitud 39cm

Do you know Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy was already used in ancient Greece and is a common part of cultures as interesting as China and India. It has been known for a long time that color plays an important role in creating a certain state of mind or emotion in people.

Negative emotions, such as those that occur during periods of anxiety or sadness, cause our brains to struggle, prompting us to flee or feel fear. To get out of these negative feelings and thoughts, you can use chromotherapy, which is based on different colors and allows you to lift your spirits. Our Happy Soul choker is assembled based on a chromotherapy study using vintage African resin beads and combining charms and stones full of symbology and meanings with a single purpose, to brighten your spirit and fill you with good vibes and positive thoughts.

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