Ethnic Soul Choker
Tau Cross


Choker assembled with mother-of-pearl beads, Lapis Lazuli and faceted bronze pellets. Bronze E·Y button with 24k yellow gold plating. 24k yellow gold plated bronze Tau cross charm.

We guarantee that our accessories are made by combining natural materials, from which we make exclusive and personalized designs.

icono diametro 12cm

The origin of the Tau cross. The history and origin of a sign very dear to Saint Francis of Assisi.

Tau is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet and has been used with symbolic value since the Old Testament. It is the concrete sign of a Christian devotion, but above all a commitment to life in following the poor and crucified Christ. It is the sign of recognition of the Christian, that is, the son of God, of the son saved from danger, of the Saved. It is a sign of powerful protection against evil. Saint Francis of Assisi, because of the similarity that the Tau has to the cross, was very fond of this sign, so much so that it occupied a relevant place in his life and also in his gestures. In it, the old prophetic sign is updated, recoloured, re-acquired its saving power and expresses the bliss of poverty, a substantial element of the Franciscan way of life.


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