Divine Mercy Scapulary
Sacred Family


Divine Mercy and Holy Family Scapular assembled in natural cotton. E·Y button in 18k yellow gold plated bronze.

icono diametro 14cm

The image of Divine Mercy was revealed to Saint Faustina in 1931 and Jesus himself asked her to paint herself, then explaining its meaning and what the faithful will achieve with it. But the best known image of this devotion is the third one that was made. This is the story of the famous image.
After the revelation in 1931 of Jesus to Saint Faustina and the request that he make a painting showing the Divine Mercy, the nun asked Eugenio Kazimirowski to carry it out. This he did following the indications of Santa Faustina and finished it in 1934, however, Santa Faustina cried when she saw that the finished image “did not reflect” all the beauty of Jesus.

The revelation.

Santa Faustina tells in her diary: “At dusk, while in my cell, I saw the Lord Jesus dressed in a white robe. He had one hand raised to bless and with the other he touched the robe over his chest. Two great rays came out of the tunic opening in the chest: one red and the other pale.
“After a moment, Jesus said to me: Paint an image according to the model you see, and sign: ‘Jesus, I trust in you.’ I wish this image to be venerated first in his chapel and then throughout the world.”

Jesus pointed out to him: “I promise that the soul that venerates this image will not perish. I also promise, already here on earth, victory over the enemies and, especially, at the time of death. I myself will defend it as my glory.”

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