Eritro Anchor Bracelet


Bracelet assembled with Eritro nylon tape woven in our workshop with bronze E·Y anchor clasp with 24k yellow gold, 24k white gold or titanium plating.

icono diametro 5cm

We guarantee that our accessories are made by combining natural materials, from which we make exclusive and personalized designs.

The anchor is the representation of stability and also of the return to land after sailing. The anchor represents firmness and stability, because that is the function of this object: to keep the boat fixed on the ground so that it does not drift. Just as the anchor represents for the sailor the hope of returning safely home and trust in the sea, this symbolism is transferred to the affections, the anchor being the link that unites us to those we love, that holds us to those people we appreciate .


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1 – Get a piece of string or ribbon and wrap around your wrist, marking at the point both edges come together and feels comfortable and not tight.

2 – Take the measurement of that string or ribbon with a ruler and that would be exactly the length of your wrist in cm.