Nirvana Necklace


Necklace assembled on the basis of fine cotton threads impregnated in wax, 4mm black agate and turquoise beads. Combination of hand-forged Corno, Seed and Kartika charms in bronze with 24k yellow gold plating.

icono diametro 21cm

The Black Agates.

One of the most striking and enigmatic stones in the universe is undoubtedly black agate. Its aura of mysticism and its striking color make it special and attractive. It is the quintessential auric sealant and is widely valued for its rarity, simplicity, and undeniable elegance.

The Turquoise.

The greenish blue of the turquoise stone has always accompanied many of our pieces for years. Its name comes from the French pierre turquoise, which means Turkish stone. The reason is found in that it was in this country where this mineral was most commercialized. Although Turkey lacks turquoise deposits. Yes, Iran does, which on its route to Europe sold them in the Turkish country. Turquoise is considered one of the oldest stones in the world. Its use as an amulet has been demonstrated in cultures as diverse as the Egyptian, Aztec, Persian and even Chinese. In addition to being considered as the stone of joy and happiness; It is a stone that has been used as an amulet since ancient times. It fosters spiritual attunement and enhances communication with the physical and spiritual world.

Kartika symbology.

The Kartika is a small symbolic crescent knife, used in the Buddhist vajrayana ceremony. It symbolizes the breaking of all material and worldly goods and is crowned with a vajra, which is said to serve to destroy ignorance, and leads to enlightenment. The Kartika is the key or key used in a ritual of Tibetan Buddhism called “Chod” (cutting through or in half of demons). In Buddhist teachings this is a tool that Yama, the conqueror of death, carries in his right hand.

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