Awakening Necklace


Necklace assembled in pale pink natural cotton made in our atelier and horn beads. Combination of 4 bronze charms (wishbone, shark’s tooth and fig) plated in 18k gold in its different shades. Mother-of-pearl and rose quartz turtle delicately carved by hand.

icono diametro 27cm

icono longitud 84cm


Pink quartz.

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It is the most important mineral for the heart chakra, since it teaches the true essence of love.

The good luck bone (Wishbone).

When chicken was not a common dish and was only served on special occasions, breaking the “lucky bone” was quite an event. Luck began when a person found the bone in his ration and chose one of the diners to break it. Whoever got the longest part made a wish, which, according to the belief, would be fulfilled.

The fig and its symbols.

The Figa or Higa is a symbol of protection against the evil eye, it is represented with a left hand closed in a fist and with the thumb between the index and the middle finger, it shows a sign of contempt and protection against the evil eye and the envies.

Shark tooth symbology.

The tusk symbolizes the ability to overcome adversaries, and the power of man to become the director of events and overcome any obstacle.


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