Awakening Necklace


Necklace assembled in pale pink natural cotton made in our atelier and horn beads. Combination of 4 bronze charms (spur, piglet medal and feather) plated in 18k gold in its different shades. Mother-of-pearl turtle delicately carved by hand and Fluorite stone.

icono diametro 27cm

icono longitud 84cm


Fluorite comes from the Latin word “fluere” which means to flow. Also “fluorescence” derives from fluorite, since there are many specimens that emit this effect. Very useful to protect from electromagnetic radiation such as computers. It helps you to cleanse the aura while stabilizing it, expelling negative energies and various tensions, integrating spiritual energies and reorganizing the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.
Psychologically, fluorite is highly protective, helping you to discern, cutting off external influences that may be exerted against you. It cleanses, purifies and reorganizes everything that is not in perfect order within our body, since it is the best ally against disorganization. It helps you increase dexterity and, even better, self-confidence, improves physical and mental coordination, helps you act objectively and be impartial, helps in learning by organizing and processing the organization while increasing concentration.


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