Military Long Necklace


Long military style chain made of bronze plated in 24k white gold. 24k white gold and 24k yellow gold plated bronze hand forged compass charm.

icono longitud 82cm

As an instrument capable of guiding the lost on their way, the compass is also a symbol of hope. With a similar meaning, many sailors had it tattooed somewhere on their body, as it was a mark of their desire to return home or find a place to belong. In the same measure, it is an instrument that represents spiritual help, the divine hand, the action of God, who favors his lost lambs so that they can return or find the right path. The compass is closely related to the compass rose and, therefore, to the number eight. This number is related to the wheel, and like most wheels built by different cultures have eight spokes. Thus, the compass works as a manifestation of the whole, of the universe, since it contains all the directions that can be reached.


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